New AD user with roaming profile and home folder

With Microsoft’s module ActiveDirectory, making a new user in Active Directory with PowerShell is trivial — with parameters to do just about everything. However, making a new user with roaming profile and home folders isn’t as easy. In this post, I’ll show how to automatically generate roaming profile and home folders for a new user with correct permissions. Continue reading

Enhanced Azure Site Recovery for VMWare

One of the things that makes Microsoft Azure great, is that it’s constantly improving. Microsoft recently announced a big improvement to their Azure Site Recovery. They call it “enhanced VMware to Azure”, and it’s an improvement to the protection and replication of VMWare VMs to Azure Site Recovery.

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Microsoft Azure Stack entering technical preview

The previous Friday, 29th of January, Microsoft Azure Stack entered technical preview. Azure Stack is your own Azure in your own datacenter, seamlessly integrated with the Azure public cloud. It’s planned for release at the end of 2016, but eager IT professionals can already get a taste of this year’s perhaps most exciting product.

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The new Azure Storage Explorer

The Microsoft Azure Tools Team just announced the January update for the new Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. The new tool is now truly cross-platform, with added Linux support. How does this tool differ from the old 3rd party Azure Storage Explorer? In this post, I’ll show the new Azure Storage Explorer, currently in preview, and how it differs from the old 3rd part Azure Storage Explorer.

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Startup scripts with Intune

Startup scripts are great. They enable us to do configuration and customization on devices which improves end user experience. In this post, I’ll show how to publish startup scripts to devices with Intune.

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Export and install print drivers with Intune

Installing print drivers is a task we often find ourselves in, to enable printing from devices within an organization. If your infrastructure is relying on Intune for management of devices, there may not be a clear cut way to publish these drivers to devices. With the following method, we’re using PowerShell to export installed drivers from a device, and installing them using a VBS-script built-in in Windows client operating systems. Finally wrapping it all up in an exe-file for publishing to devices with Intune.

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Removing a domain from Office 365 – the definite script

If you’ve worked with Office 365 for some time, you’ve almost certainly been in the position of having to remove a domain from an Office 365 tenant. In theory an easy job – remove the domain from users and groups, then remove the domain from the tenant. More often than not, this is not the case.

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