Enhanced Azure Site Recovery for VMWare

One of the things that makes Microsoft Azure great, is that it’s constantly improving. Microsoft recently announced a big improvement to their Azure Site Recovery. They call it “enhanced VMware to Azure”, and it’s an improvement to the protection and replication of VMWare VMs to Azure Site Recovery.

Having tried it myself just recently, it’s definitely a big improvement to the old Azure Site Recovery for VMWare – now referred to as “Legacy”. The enhanced functionality has been in preview since October, but with this General Availability launch it’s now supported and viable for production deployment.

One of the biggest improvements, is the reduction of required setup of resources in Azure itself. Before, you had to deploy two IaaS resources in Azure, namely a configuration server and a master target server. This has now been reduced to a total of zero needed IaaS resources in Azure!

The only needed resource in the new enhanced functionality, is a management server on-premise, which is easily deployed with an installer.

Reducing cost and complexity, Azure Site Recovery is improved even further, making it an even better option than before as a second site for your datacenter.

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