Microsoft Azure Stack entering technical preview

The previous Friday, 29th of January, Microsoft Azure Stack entered technical preview. Azure Stack is your own Azure in your own datacenter, seamlessly integrated with the Azure public cloud. It’s planned for release at the end of 2016, but eager IT professionals can already get a taste of this year’s perhaps most exciting product.

Microsoft Azure Stack is a completely new product, despite similarities with Microsoft Azure Pack. Azure Pack requires prerequisites like SCVMM, often SCOM etc. In essence Azure Pack is a collection/wrapper of System Center-products. Microsoft Azure Stack aims to be its own complete product without dependencies to other products.

Azure Stack then, is the private cloud Azure product we’ve been waiting for. With Azure Stack, we can deploy our own Azure private cloud and take advantage of streamlined technologies Microsoft use themselves in their own datacenters. With ease, we can move resources either from our own private cloud to the public cloud, or from the public cloud to our private cloud, depending on our needs and what makes most sense at the time.

The first technical preview is quite limited, but it’s exciting in that it shows what’s being done and gives us insight into the future.

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